Cross-Border Health

We leverage our telehealth platform to provide several premium and niche healthcare services that cut across borders and virtually eliminate distance. We put a new touch on “the world is a global village”: StableDoc brings healthcare to you – and brings you to healthcare.


Facilitating pre-travel services & post-discharge care services. We not only link you to our partner hospitals abroad but we also help you to schedule the appointment and the visa processes – and put you on a plane and arrange for comfortable accommodation and ancillary services


Why take a 2-week trip to a foreign country costing thousands of dollars for your Annual Physical Exam when you can have all your testing done in your home country – and get a second opinion on the results from qualified doctors anywhere in the world? That’s where StableDoc comes in. We take the complicated and expensive off your shoulders and make them simple and affordable.


We arrange for teams of cross-border specialists collaborating virtually to provide the best healthcare to our patients around the world, using tailored collaborative practice agreements.


Now you can pay for the healthcare of your relatives in your home country through any of our choice plans including using $SDT.

Stable Home Health

We offer a suite of home consultation services for our patients. Our Home Health services are powered by StableReality, a next generation, patent-pending telemed gadget with a full hospital grade diagnostic tool kit.


Our highly trained nurses and caregivers are ready to take care of you or your sick loved ones right in the comfort of your homes with a combination of remote monitoring and in-person nurse visits/care. This service includes care of the elderly at home. You think you need home service? Talk to us today.


We offer home consultation services for our patients. In this era of highly infectious diseases, you may not want to visit the busy hospitals for non-emergency cases. Through a network of partnerships leveraging our technology platforms, StableDoc is able to deliver a range of complementary healthcare and medical services – and send the appropriate doctor to your home if you need one.


We administer oxygen to our patients right in their homes. Has your loved one been prescribed oxygen and you are considering home treatment to save cost and stress of hospital stay? StableDoc has got your back. We give oxygen to the patient in their home and have our highly trained nurses and caregivers monitor the patient during the treatment.


We deliver your prescriptions through our verified pharmacy partners using our partner riders.


You can conduct most laboratory tests from the comfort of your home: we pick up your doctor-ordered test samples to our well-vetted partner labs, and you get the results delivered to your doctor, and to yourself – all seamlessly.

Auto Diagnostics & Health Digital Assistant

Health Symptom Checker

Perform symptom assessments with our physician-trained artificial intelligence health assessor. The health checker helps you navigate through your symptoms and provides you with possible health conditions and treatment options.


Use your own device or the StableReality suite of gadgets to record such health vitals as body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate and blood pressure. Making these vitals available to the physician is critical to a successful virtual consultation.

Trackers & Health Plan

Set daily, weekly, monthly goals – and reach them! Whatever your goals are, StableDoc will help you to reach and stick to them: steps, calories, water intake, etc. You can manually enter readings from fitness trackers & wearables or via Bluetooth interface.

Virtual Consultation

Our hassle-free, truly “doctor anywhere, anytime” virtual consultation forms the flagship core of the StableDoc healthcare delivery.

Video conferencing

Get instant or scheduled face-to-face medical advise, prescription, tests and referrals.

Audio conferencing

Consult with a healthcare provider via audio calls when a video call is infeasible.

Text and video chats

Obtain asynchronous medical advice via text or video chat – even anonymously.