Move2Earn App

Introducing: StableFit Move2Earn App

To further ensure StableHealth for our users, and in line with our core mission, we are developing a critical feature to our App: StableFit Move2Earn. The StableFit Move2Earn (M2E) rewards users for just keeping fit. Whether you are walking, running, jumping, or dancing, StableFit is designed to reward you with StableFit Token ($SFT) for all your steps.

Our Users are encouraged to keep fit knowing they will be rewarded financially for doing so. It will be great for your wallet – and even greater for your health.

Earning is very simple: Once we finalize development, all you need to do is download or update your StableDoc App from Playstore or iOS and turn on the StableFit Move2Earn. Then link your wallet address and start walking, running, jumping, or dancing to earn.

This feature in our App will automatically merge your steps with the equivalent worth of $SFT and fund your wallet. You will be able to withdraw, swap to $SDT and/or convert to fiat or stake your earned rewards on our staking and farming platform to earn more $SDT tokens.

An Evolution – and a Revolution

The revolutionary nature of our Move2Earn program will evolve in four main phases

  1. MOVE TO EARN: The introductory StableFit Move2Earn will feature all of the great earning potentials for users – while getting you to move, and keep moving.

  2. MOVE WITH FITNESS TRACKERS: The second phase will incorporate our StableDoc Diagnostic Wearables (also currently in development) to make our community and ecosystem of products and services tighter and more integrated. This stage will integrate our suite of StableDoc fitness trackers with others.

  3. MOVE INTO CORPORATE WORLD: Once we mature the processes and M2E ecosystem, we will move beyond individual users to the corporate world: employer wellness programs that provide incentives to employees to get moving and stay healthy. This is a market that StableDoc intends to pursue aggressively.

  4. MOVE INTO THE METAVERSE: The fourth and final phase of this evolution is our move into the Metaverse. While the use of our cryptocurrency SDT will continue to be a core part of our M2E, this phase will now feature the use of NFT avatars in our Metaverse. Unlike other pure play-to-earn games in the Metaverse that does not include physical activities, our Metaverse M2E will be distinguished by how many uses and players are required to walk or jump or dance in the physical world before their avatars can earn rewards in the Metaverse version of StableFit Move2Earn.

All of these are not only great for our health, but this new important feature and the large ecosystem of users it will generate will also be great for both non-crypto and crypto lovers: and of course for the value of our current SDT token holders!